Have you ever wanted to deepen your understanding of the faith that you practice? What do we profess when we say the Creed? What is the meaning of the Mass and the Sacraments? How should we live the Christian life? What is Prayer?

These questions and others will be explored in a series of weekly sessions on Tuesday nights in the De La Salle Pastoral Centre in Wicklow. There will be an introductory meeting on Tuesday 24th September to explain the course and give further information and the weekly sessions will begin on Tuesday 1st October.   All sessions begin at 7.30pm and will last no more than one hour.

The programme is open to everyone. The sessions will be very accessible and simple, with a little input each week followed by some discussion/ questions. If you are  interested please come to the introductory session anyway, without any obligation to continue if you feel it is not for you.