Parish Assembly – Sunday 3rd February 2019

Date: Sunday 3rd Feb 2019

There are gatherings and assemblies taking place in parishes all around the diocese, at the suggestion of Archbishop Martin, asking people of faith to come up with ideas that might help to rebuild trust and hope and to help us to move forward with confidence to proclaim the Gospel in the years ahead. We hope to hold such a gathering in Wicklow in February for the three local parishes of Wicklow /Rathnew, Kilbride /Barndarrig /Brittas Bay and Ashford /Glenealy.  we want to  invite suggestions from you, the people of the parishes, for your ideas as to what we can do at local level to restore hope and confidence in the church.
There are many people who no longer feel part of our church: how do we reach out to them? Does the message of Jesus Christ have any relevance for young people today? How do we teach young people to pray? How do we renew the faith we carry in our own hearts to renew the life of the church? If you have something you would like to say, please  come to the parish assembly on the 3rd February at 3pm in the De La Salle Pastoral Centre in Wicklow,  you would be very welcome.