WICKLOW:  We are delighted to welcome you back to public worship from Monday, 10th May. It’s been a long time since we last celebrated public Mass. Thank you for staying in touch throughout the lockdown and for all the messages of encouragement we received. It was great to be able to maintain an online community by means of the webcam, the website and the parish radio but it will be so much better to have you back in the church with us again.

A few things to keep in mind as we prepare to re-open:

As before, we will be depending on our volunteer stewards to help with seating arrangements and sanitising. Your cooperation with the stewards will be greatly appreciated.

Numbers in St Patrick’s will be capped at 80 (in two separate ‘pods’ – 50 in the front of the church, entering by the side door on Our Lady’s side and 30 at the back, entering by the  main door).

Please try to come early to facilitate seating arrangements and be aware that, if maximum numbers are reached, any extra people will have to wait outside the church.

From Monday, you will be free to join us for 10am Mass each morning and you will also be welcome to attend Rosary in the evening (Monday to Friday at 7.30pm for the month of May).

Those who are able to come on weekdays might consider leaving space at the weekends for those who are only free on Saturdays and Sundays. We will be resuming our normal weekend schedule of Sat 7pm and Sun 10.00 and 11.30 from next weekend.


RATHNEW: return to Mass in Rathnew will be gradual, starting with the resumption of the 9.00am Sunday Mass from Sunday 16th May. Maximum number permitted in Rathnew will be 40. We hope to resume the evening Masses in Rathnew (Mon, Tue and Sat) from the beginning of June.

Some people may understandably be hesitant about coming back to church for a while: we will, of course, continue to have our online service via webcam for those who wish to continue to join us from home.

Many thanks for your cooperation. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Fr Donal & Fr Pat