Dear Parishioner,

During these particularly difficult times  –  spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically,  everyone is facing  into  a very  uncertain period.   We as a Church  and a charity  are in the same situation.   We understand that  there may be changes in peoples financial situations,  but if at all possible we are asking people to continue to  support our Priests and  Parish.

Due to the reduction of Masses, there is also a reduction of financial support for the Parish.

Like some other Churches in the Dublin Diocese, we are introducing cashless donations with the addition of the GOOD BOX, which is situated near the Baptism Font on the altar.

This is a very simple addition to our Parish and can be used as a TAP & GO. There is a  €3 pre-set option on the box but this can be changed by swiping the screen.

Alternatively, you can drop your weekly envelope into the parish office any week-day morning or into the letterbox beside the porch door of the office.

As usual we really do appreciate all your support during these very challenging times.