Many thanks to all our supporters of our Parish Lotto.

The Lotto is coming up to a year old very soon and we wanted to  update you all on its success.   Thankfully it has all gone very well and on average is  bringing in between €1,200  &  €1,500 a month which will amount to €14,400 to  €18,000 per annum. However, we do need to keep building on this excellent platform, so,  we would be very grateful if you could encourage your family members and friends to sign up to it.  This is a very simple online procedure  and   can be done through the link on this  parish website.  This money is used for  repairs and  necessary works in the parish and your help  and support is very much  appreciated.

We do  hope  that with your  continued support, we can continue  to build and expand  within our parish.

As it stands at the moment the Lotto is worth €4450.

Remember,  if you are not in,   you can’t win!!