Parish Calendar


  6th:      Baptisms in Wicklow

11th:      Baptism Meeting at 8pm in   De La Salle Centre

13th:      World Day of the Poor

14th:      Feast Day of St Laurence O’Toole (Patron Saint of the Archdiocese of  Dublin)

16th:  Bereavement Mass in Wicklow

20th:    Baptisms in Wicklow

            Afternoon of Reflection for Ministers of the Eucharist, Word, Baptism  &  Funeral Teams in the De La               Salle Pastoral Centre at 3pm

26th:    Baptisms in Rathnew

27th:    First Sunday of Advent



2nd:     Baptisms in Wicklow

              Day for Life

4th:      Feast of  St Francis of Assisi

7th:      Children’s Day of Mission Prayer

13th:    Baptism Meeting at 8pm in   De La Salle Centre

                Mass of the Angels 7.30pm in Wicklow

16th:     Baptisms in Wicklow

22nd:     Baptisms in Rathnew

22nd/23rd:   World Mission Sunday  Theme: You Will Be My Witnesses

                   Collection – Mission Sunday    

 30th:     Baptisms in Wicklow



Season of Creation: September 1 – October 4

1st:       World Day of Prayer for the  Care of Creation

8th:       Baptism Meeting at 8pm in   De La Salle Centre

                Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady

4th:      Baptisms in Wicklow

10/11:  Crosscare Annual Collection

14th:    Feast of The Exaltation of the  Holy Cross

18th:    Baptisms in Wicklow

24th:     Baptisms in Rathnew

24/25:   Vincent De Paul  Quarterly  Collection

 25th:    Diocesan Safeguarding Day

World Day of Migrants and Refugees.



4th:        Baptism Meeting at 8pm in  De La  Salle   Centre                                               

6th:       The Transfiguration of the Lord

7th:         Baptisms in St Patrick’s, Wicklow

15th:      Feast of  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

17th:      Our Lady of Knock

21st:       Baptisms in St Patrick’s, Wicklow

27th:       Baptisms in St Joseph’s, Rathnew



2nd/3rd:   Peter’s Pence Collection

                    Baptisms in St Patrick’s Wicklow

5th:            Mass & Blessing of Graves in Barndarrig

11th:           Mass & Blessing of Graves in Three Mile Water

17th:          Baptisms in St Patrick’s Wicklow

20th:          Mass & Blessing of Graves in Rathnew

23rd:          Baptisms in St Joseph’s Rathnew

24th:          World Day of Grandparents and Elderly

26th:          Feast day of Ss Joachim & Anne



3rd:     Feast of St Kevin (Patron Saint of Archdiocese of Dublin)

5th:      Pentecost Sunday/  Baptisms in Wicklow

                Parish  Confirmation in Wicklow

9th:       Feast of St. Columba (Colum Cille)

12th:     The Most Holy Trinity

14th –17th:  Parish Confirmations in Wicklow

19th:     The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

                  Baptisms in Rathnew

23rd:    Monthly Baptism Meeting

24th:    The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,    

              World Day of Prayer for Priests                                                                              

              Parish Wedding Anniversary Mass

25th/26th:  St Vincent de Paul Monthly collection


DIARY DATES: May  2022

31st /1st:    Collection for Parish Lourdes Group

1st :               Baptisms  –  Wicklow

7th:               First Holy Communion – St Patrick’s at 11.30am

8th:               Day of Prayer for Vocations.

14 /15:         Collection to Support Lay Ministry in the   Archdiocese of Dublin

14th:             Holy Communion – Holy Rosary  at 11.00am & 12.30pm

15th :            Baptisms  –  Wicklow

21st :            Baptisms  –  Rathnew                                                         

29th:             The Ascension of the  Lord,   World Communications Day  Theme: Listen!

31st:              The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


DIARY DATES:  April  2022

3rd :  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

9th/10th:  St Vincent De Paul Quarterly Collection

10th: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

13th: Spy Wednesday Chrism Mass – 7pm, Pro Cathedral

14th: Holy Thursday  Mass of the Lord’s Supper

15th: Good Friday  Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

16th: Holy Saturday

17th:  Easter Sunday  / Baptisms  –  Wicklow

23rd:  Baptisms  –  Rathnew     

 23rd:Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Knock                                                                           Email Queries:

24th: Divine Mercy Sunday

28th:  Zoom Baptism Meeting  – 8pm



2nd:  Ash Wednesday

3rd:  St Mantann

6th:  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

17th:  St Patrick  – Bishop, Principal Patron of Ireland,   Day of Prayer for Emigrants.

19th: St Joseph  –  Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary

20th:  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

24th: Zoom Baptism Meeting  – 8pm

25th:  The Annunciation of the Lord

26th: Baptisms  –  Rathnew

26th/27th:  Special Collection for Ukraine


DIARY DATES:  February  2022

1st:    St Brigid’s Day  –  Grandparents Mass  –   10am in St Patrick’s  Church

2nd :  The Presentation of our Lord  –   World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life

3rd:  St Blaise – Blessings of Throats

6th:  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

11th:   World Day of the Sick 

13th:   Annual  Accord  Collection  

17th : Zoom Baptism Meeting  – 8pm

20th:  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

26th : Baptisms  –  Rathnew


DIARY DATES:  January  2022

2nd :  Baptisms  – Wicklow

6th : Feast of the Epiphany

16th:  Baptisms  –  Wicklow

18th-25th:Prayer for Christian Unity Week                                                                                                    

20th : Zoom Baptism Meeting  – 8pm

22nd : Baptisms  –  Rathnew

23rd – 30th :  Catholic Schools Week

Theme—Living life to the full.