Parishioners should have received their new pack of envelopes by now and  many  thanks to   the  team of volunteers for their help, which is really appreciated at this time.    Thank you to all  who  contribute to the support of the parish either through the envelope collection or by standing order each week throughout the year. Your  continued generosity and support  is always appreciated.

Thanks also  to those who  have signed up to the ‘Tax Back’ scheme which has made a huge contribution to  parish funds at no extra cost to the donors. Any donations that exceed €250 in a  calendar year are eligible for a tax rebate of  up to 40% to the parish.

All of the money donated in the weekly envelopes or by standing order is used. for the running of the  parish. This is the only money that stays in the parish. The monies given in the other collections are for the payment of the salaries of the priests of the diocese (First Collection) and for the ‘Share’ fund which  supports the services  provided by the diocese (Second Collection).  If you are new to the parish and do not already receive a box of weekly envelopes and would like to do so, or if you would like to set up a standing order or avail of the ‘Tax Back’ scheme, please contact the parish office.

If you haven’t received your box of envelopes, please let the office know and we will ensure delivery of same as soon as possible.

Once again, sincere thanks for your generosity over the past year and  look forward to your continued support in the future.




The Tax Relief Scheme for donations to Eligible Charities is of immense benefit to the Parish. It is a very simple but effective way of increasing revenue, whereby the parish can claim back the tax paid on any recorded contributions of €250 or more per annum. Many people have already signed up for this and it has made a big difference to parish income. If you have not already done so, perhaps you would consider signing up for it now. Full details are available on the parish website or from the office.

As the church is registered as a charity, any contribution of €250 or more (which is €5 a week), allows the parish to claim back up to 40% of that, which is approx. €100, where applicable. 

The only information that is required from the contributor is name, address, PPS number and a signature.

Please be assured that any information received will be treated with the utmost of confidence and that there is no involvement at all from any tax officials.

If you pay income tax and if you have contributed €250 or more to the Dues and Family Offering, the Parish can claim back the tax on your donation at no cost whatsoever to the contributor. The form is very simple and available in the Parish Office.

Again, a sincere thanks to all parishioners who have signed up to this scheme and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

Please note that cash placed in the collection baskets does not qualify for Tax Relief as it cannot be traced back to a donor.